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About Applicators

The right applicator doesn’t just make your job easier, it can protect your investment in high-quality paint and architectural coating products. Without the proper applicator, even the best paint or coating won’t reach its full potential.

Great application equipment leads to smooth, long-lasting finishes, so begin with the best brushes, rollers, and applicators, to ensure a professional appearance with unmatched longevity. Our range of options allows you to tackle painting projects from the largest industrial jobs to the smallest touch-up work. Whatever the scope of your project, you can be assured that Paint Supply has you covered.

After decades of industry experience, we have curated a broad, yet refined range of applicators and accessories. Our offerings include brushes of all shapes and sizes, airless spray equipment, faux finish and floor finish applicators, roller covers, mini roller covers, pad and convenience applicators, and painting sets.